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Different kind of investment funds explained

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Investment fund is the investment of money for profit. An investment fund is a financial investment vehicle, which is aimed at private investors – little or large-or institutional investors-insurance companies, banks – and offers the following five key advantages over direct investment in shares, bonds and property:

1. Risk is spread and hence reduced.
2. Funds allow you to tap into professional, expert and full time investment management expertise.
3. Funds are cost effective.
4. Funds offer access to markets that may otherwise be closed or too technical for retail/individual investors.
5. Funds benefit from institutional safety, which means they are heavily regulated and supervised.

The benefits of investment funds, where individuals from all walks of life pool their savings together, can be summed up as offering everybody – from professional or institutional investors to people with limited time, or limited investment skills or modest means – access to investment returns otherwise only available to more sophisticated investors, who are able to buy their own professional portfolio management advice.

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